@aoki_art_ takes a break from painting in Japan to speak to lowercase

Aoki is a young Japanese artist who’s work we’ve been following for sometime. He was kind enough to join us for an interview.

Where do you live?

Osaka, Japan.

How did you get into art?

My father is a car mechanic. We’ve been drawing together since I was little.

What excites you about the art scene in your city?

Osaka does not put effort into art. There are also few art museums but street art is a favorite.

Where do you see yourself in ten years and what's your plan to get there?

New York City, drawing.


Who are your biggest influences?



Those are two very different artists. I can see Basquiat's influence in your work for sure, does his social justice message influence you and how? Yayoi Kusama is a pretty cool completely original artist. What about her off the wall (literally) style influences you and why?

I feel that Basquiat is good at using art. I learned loyalty to art. From Yayoi Kusama I feel the fundamental charm of art.

I think that the commonality between the two people is how to use colors.


Favorite bar in Osaka?

Little bird bar. I dislike places I do not feel comfortable with, I do not get drunk just on tasty sake. So I think this bar is perfect. I feel that space design is also important.

Who are the most exciting current day artists to you?


What are the best cultural hangouts in your city? How do you communicate with other artists?

Osaka American village, a place with many clubs and bars. There is a place where young people active in the underground such as rappers, dancers, skaters gather.

How do you get inspired from other disciplines? Can you give an example of how a dancer or a singer changed your work?

.My friend dances in a krump style. Although this dance expresses anger, the idea of expressing emotion more than choreography, there is a part similar to my art and I am deeply impressed.


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